On Trophy Wives and Victory

I have discovered something this week.

I am a trophy wife. And you may be too.

Now, to those of you who know what I look like, stop laughing. And, no, it has nothing to do with my husband, or anything like that. And no, I didn’t gold-plate myself this week.

According to Google, a trophy is

“1.a cup or other, decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.
2. The weapons and other spoils of a defeated army set up as a memorial of victory.”

I fit both definitions.

For the first, Jesus died for me, specifically, along with everyone else. (Which makes us the Bride of Christ) He went through all the horror of an imaginable death (I’m sorry, but Passion of the Christ doesn’t come close to the reality of it), plus whatever He went through while dead before raising back to life, plus the humility of encaging Himself, the hugeness of God, into a human frame, for me and for us all. We are the prize He fought for, the award He gains for His success on accomplishing and overcoming faithfully. Does that mean we are only decorative objects that He hangs on the walls of heaven like a bunch of shields or sit around in heaven eating chocolate cupcakes and looking pretty like it’s the playboy mansion? No- I believe strongly that we are meant to work, to choose to become, or remain, a dust free trophy, instead of one that just sits around. (This does not mean I believe we can earn anything. That is a totally different subject. When we chose Christ, we are saved “made into the trophy”, which we can do nothing to make ourselves into, but it’s our responsibility to attempt to attain, through Christ Whom we cannot do anything without, holiness, or a “dust-free” exterior.)

This brings me to the second part of the definition to being a trophy – the defeated army part. I am also that, and constantly trying to become more of that. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly fighting in my mind and body to overcome all my junk, to maintain my focus on Christ and what He says about me, regardless of the thoughts in my head or the people around me or the mirror that tells me that I can never be a prized trophy. It is a moment by moment choice, a sacrifice to choose to be defeated by Him and still know that I can stand, humble and strong before Him. Part of this trophy part is for us, too. When we look back on our life or our day, we can see where God has taken us and the victories He’s brought us through- we have a memorial of victory.

Allelujah Lord!!! Thank You for who You make us to be!


Of Boxing Rings and Enduring

(Continuing my blog from Hope City. I apologize for the lack of blog the last few weeks- I’ve been battling an illness)
This week at Hope City has been very hard for many different reasons. Hence, all week God has been speaking to me about comfort- how He is the One who holds us up, strengthens us. But, he doesn’t just give us a pat on the back, say a few encouraging words, then tell us to get back in the game. God isn’t a boxing coach that stays on the sidelines. He gets into the ring with us, and stands with us and moves our arms and gives us the strength to fight, to continue.
He comforts and protects us. When everything is chaotic and the bell is about to ring and we’re wanting to give up, and all we can see is our failure to win, He whispers in our ear, “Hey, it’s ok. I’m here. I’ll help you. Trust Me. And, even if you do lose, I’m still here. I still love you.”

I still love you.

No matter what you’ve done in your past. Even if that past is 2 seconds ago. Or right now.

Or now.

He loves you.

And He shows us the truth, if we will take the time to listen, to see. If we will slow down, step back from the distractions and the fight.

Yes, there IS time to step back. To find that peaceful place deep inside where He dwells inside, where He speaks and sings over you what and who you are to Him.

So much boils down to our identity. How we see ourselves shapes the way we live our lives. Always. And the truth is, whether you are a Christian or not, you are loved by God, so much so that He gave up His Son, the only thing he could give, to have a relationship with you and buy you back from the slavery to sin you’d sold yourself into…..
Even though He already technically owned us by right-of-creation.

God bought what He already owned.
(oh, God, how You love me. My heart groans under the weight of that knowledge)

So that He could have a relationship with you. So that he could prove to you once and for all that you are endlessly valuable to Him.

So, therefore, we never fight alone. So keep fighting for Him! Keep pressing more into His heart- there is so much He desires for you! He just wants for you to know Him like He knows you- to follow Him because He is the only way to a fulfilled, true life.

He is Lord, and with Him, we are victorious, more than conquerors- we are overcomers!

Of Icebergs and Doves

(Continuing my weekly blog from Hope City. Sorry the writing is a little rough this week- I’m having a hard time putting this one into words, but want to share it anyway.)

This week, I was in our prayer room thinking about God, and I saw life as a trip walking across water- walking in faith. And, that, on that water, there are icebergs- large ones. These icebergs get in the way of our walk, and then we have no choice but to force us to detour, or to walk over them, both options of which leads to the iceberg, which I saw as the lies we believe, being our foundation, instead of faith. But, God’s love and our love of Him is great warmth, and it breaks apart the iceberg, even as the water of faith laps at the iceberg and erodes it to nothing. Faith and God’s love lead us forward in life, so that we can walk, unhindered by the obstacles in our lives and minds, so that we can see Him, see the truth. Internal obstacles are far stronger than external obstacles, but God overcomes all!!! Keep walking in a foundation of faith, not lies- lies get you nowhere except circling an iceberg.

Another thing I was thinking this week that I’d like to share- I’ve been feeling lately that the things I pray just aren’t ‘getting through’ into heaven- like the gates are shut to me. And that can be frustrating, especially being surrounded by people who don’t have that problem. And I saw that, while it is not yet my time to enter as much into heaven as I desire to, my prayers, my spirit are entering like doves flying through the bars of a gate. He hears our prayers, even if it does not seem that way to us. He hears. (The only thing that gets in the way is unforgivenese, so be sure to forgive everyone!!)

Thank You God for hearing us, and for giving us Your foundation to walk on!