On Trophy Wives and Victory

I have discovered something this week.

I am a trophy wife. And you may be too.

Now, to those of you who know what I look like, stop laughing. And, no, it has nothing to do with my husband, or anything like that. And no, I didn’t gold-plate myself this week.

According to Google, a trophy is

“1.a cup or other, decorative object awarded as a prize for a victory or success.
2. The weapons and other spoils of a defeated army set up as a memorial of victory.”

I fit both definitions.

For the first, Jesus died for me, specifically, along with everyone else. (Which makes us the Bride of Christ) He went through all the horror of an imaginable death (I’m sorry, but Passion of the Christ doesn’t come close to the reality of it), plus whatever He went through while dead before raising back to life, plus the humility of encaging Himself, the hugeness of God, into a human frame, for me and for us all. We are the prize He fought for, the award He gains for His success on accomplishing and overcoming faithfully. Does that mean we are only decorative objects that He hangs on the walls of heaven like a bunch of shields or sit around in heaven eating chocolate cupcakes and looking pretty like it’s the playboy mansion? No- I believe strongly that we are meant to work, to choose to become, or remain, a dust free trophy, instead of one that just sits around. (This does not mean I believe we can earn anything. That is a totally different subject. When we chose Christ, we are saved “made into the trophy”, which we can do nothing to make ourselves into, but it’s our responsibility to attempt to attain, through Christ Whom we cannot do anything without, holiness, or a “dust-free” exterior.)

This brings me to the second part of the definition to being a trophy – the defeated army part. I am also that, and constantly trying to become more of that. I don’t know about you, but I am constantly fighting in my mind and body to overcome all my junk, to maintain my focus on Christ and what He says about me, regardless of the thoughts in my head or the people around me or the mirror that tells me that I can never be a prized trophy. It is a moment by moment choice, a sacrifice to choose to be defeated by Him and still know that I can stand, humble and strong before Him. Part of this trophy part is for us, too. When we look back on our life or our day, we can see where God has taken us and the victories He’s brought us through- we have a memorial of victory.

Allelujah Lord!!! Thank You for who You make us to be!


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