retreating into life

I love a good retreat.  It’s a chance to get away from the normalness of life, a chance to slow down and get recentered on what really matters in life, a chance to get back in touch with that child with minimal responsibilities within us that we couldn’t wait to leave behind and now just want to get back.


Retreats are awesome. (In interest of full disclosure, I work at a retreat center that is amazing.) I eagerly look forward to the next time I get to do one, whenever that is.


But, what if, instead of retreating out of life for a while, we retreated INTO life?  What if we accomplished all that retreat stuff every day?  That would make crawling out of bed much easier…. And enjoyable.


Why is there such a separation between joy and relaxation and being centered on God, and work and family and everyday life?  Could even paying bills be a small retreat into life?


For example, I also volunteer at a small local house of prayer- a place that has been established to be a gathering point for people who want to worship God and pray with others outside of church hours, as well as a place to help others in whatever manner we are able to.  Within that building I have done some of the weirdest, non churchy or religious things.  I’ve decorated cakes and taught others how to, I’ve sewed and cut out cloth diapers, I’ve played basketball, etc., etc.  I’ve lived life.  And at home, I’ve done some of the most churchy, ‘religious’ things I’ve done anywhere- I’ve prayed with  very broken people, I’ve listened to and danced to worship music for hours at a time, etc., etc.


My desire is really to increase that in my life- that ability to be anywhere, doing anything, and have it be a ‘retreat’.  To have my whole life centered solely around God and what He desires me to do at that particular moment; to be filled with joy, knowing that my only responsibility is to serve God, and that He’ll take care of the rest of life, to not worry about what I get done or don’t.  He will supply me with the time I need to do whatever He desires as I am faithful to honor Him with that time.   For heaven and earth to collide in my life until they are so intermingled there is no way to tell where one ends and the other begins.  When I die, I want my spiritual transition from earth to heaven to be so smooth, it’s just like coming home to where my heart already is.


I pray it is your desire also.