freedom found outside of the oyster

Freedom!!!  The cry at the end of Braveheart as William Wallace breaths his last, the cry throughout everyone’s heart, flowing through our desires and mind like a never ending stream.

Why this never-ending quest for freedom?  Why, when the whole world is ‘our oyster’, do we still long for more freedom?  I am convinced it is because true freedom is never ending and has no limits.

Because freedom is a Man.  A Man who stand in front of us with wide open arms, eyes pleading to us, as, knowing everything we have ever and will ever think or do, He pleads with us to come to Him and take the freedom that He is offering.  TO let go of our stuff and accept the true freedom that He is that is so immensely better than the illusions we cling to.

He is reality, truth, justice, mercy, joy, freedom!!!

To let go of our stuff is hard.  It is scary.  But, we must remember that we cannot give Him too much- that He always pours into us as much, and more, than we give Him so that we can, in turn, give it back again!  He likes to give and get gifts as much as we do!!!! 

God is freedom.  The closer we get to HIm, the more freedom we have, yet the tighter we are bound to Him.  The further we are from Him, the less freedom we have, and the more we are chained to the world.  It’s all in choseing whom to be bound to.  Chosing a master.  We are never our own master- the belief that we are is a great illusion.  Something is always controllling us.  Needs come from a body we didn’t make and can’t ultimately control.  We can control our choices and actions, but not weather we need to breathe or if we are born.  Desires come from our will, which is influenced by both ourselves and our society or the world around us.  We are have desires we have to admit we know are wrong, or something we would never do.  The only thing we can chose is our actions.

So who is your master?  Where is your freedom found?  The question is pivotal, and affects everything in your life. 

For myself, I will chose to be bound to Christ, in Whom I find the greatest freedom there is, and the greatest security in being bound so closely to such a One as my Creator.


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