Deepness of Desire

While at a very dear friend’s wedding yesterday, I was struck by something.  I was watching his face- full of deep longing and desire for his bride.  Overflowing with love and joy, so much he looked like he would explode.  And it hit me- Jesus feels  the same way about us.  We talk so much about the church as the bride, being hungry for Jesus to return; for justice and purity and unity and all that.  To be reunited with Him, our Bridegroom, in fullness and completeness.

But, we rarely, if ever, talk about how Jesus feels that way, too.  Yes, we know He showed it by dying and resurrecting so that we could be reunited with Him, but I believe He feels that way NOW.   He wants and desires to be with us more than He is now, but He cannot because we are not ready, and because He desire more to come to Him.

But every fiber of His Being aches toward us, desiring to be united with us totally, to be with us, near to us, and holding us.  And that is a breathtaking thought to be desired by God so deeply and completely.  And the coming together is going to be explosive, unlike anything ever seen, anywhere- a complete union of God and man into a relationship of joy!



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