Of Sheep-Wrangling, Kings, and Value

So, I’m reading Samuel 16, when Samuel anoints David to be king.  It seems like every time I hear anything on that passage, it is centered around the line of God looking after the heart, not the outward appearances.  And that is wonderful and amazing and true and of value.  But, maybe there’s more than that.  After all, it is a whole chapter, not just a single verse.

Rereading it, I was struck at how David wasn’t even there when Samuel was making his selection.  He invited Jesse and his sons to come to the event, yet David did not initially come.  Was he not invited in turn by his father?  Was he just way too busy with sheep-wrangling?  Was the Lord’s call not important to him?  Was he just always lost at events, unable to really fit in or find his place among 8 older brothers?  Although the Bible does not relate all the events around this why of the lack of David attending the event, I tend to think, based on how his brothers treated him with goliath, which is the only other account of them interacting with each other that I know of, I think it was a combination of inability to fit in and being busy.  I think God was very important to him, even at this young age, because of all that the Psalm say, and it seems that David was quite close to his father, as he sent him around to do different things and seemed to trust him, which comes from a good relationship and implies that he would not be forgotten in an invitation to do something as wonderful as attend a sacrifice with Samuel.

So, busyness.  Way too much.  It can keep us from the greatest things in our lives- we all know that!  We don’t know just when that moment will be, and it can get lost if we aren’t careful.  Yes, sheep are important, and serving, and washing dishes and laundry, and working, and all the other multitudes of things we fill our lives with.  But don’t forget to make time for God- and most activities, we can still be conversing with God in our minds….

But, to me, the biggest part of that is the not fitting in.  David, the future king of Israel, who shaped the rest of their history even now, from whose lineage Jesus was born, was treated as nothing by his brothers.  Perhaps they were just busy with their own lives, but it doesn’t seem like they helped him with the sheep- he says he killed a lion and bear by himself-, they didn’t value his time, work, or feelings- they belittled and disrespected him when he came to them at the field with Goliath-, and that, at least the latter, was after he had been anointed king!

Which makes me think- how often is someone I see as ‘little’ really a king?  In truth, we all are.  We were all created by God; we are His children, which makes us royalty!  We are masters of the earth, with the power to move (figurative and I believe literal) mountains if we let Jesus work through us.  So we all have an enormous amount of value.  No one should ever be invisible to me, or be around me and feel that they are.

God, give me Your eyes to see like You do!!!


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