Destructive Holiness

Attributes of God part 8


God’s Holiness

All of God’s attributes are very hard for us to really understand in even a limited manner, but I think holiness is the hardest one.  What is holiness?  It’s purity, cleanness, truth, rightness, ect- but is there really any of that on this earth that we can relate to and see that in the littlest bit?  No.  Think of the most awesome, best, most ‘saintly’ person you can think of.  And that person is no where close to God’s holiness.  How can they be?  They are small, flesh, humanity that cannot be truly perfect no matter how hard they try.  They might look that way, but that is not the truth.  Ask 20 people what they think about you.  How many of them are really right when you look at the truth in your heart?  And no one is different- the thought that we are different than anyone else, that we are the only one that feels or thinks in such a manner, or wrestles with any particular issue, is one of the biggest lies ever.

But I digress.  The point is that, deep inside, on one is holy, no matter how they appear on the outside.  So how can we understand God’s holiness?  It was partially revealed through Jesus’ ministry and sacrifice, but I believe that it is also revealed a lot in the Bible, especially in the Old Testament.   Speaking about God, Isaiah 33:14 (… ‘Who among us can coexist with destructive fire? ​​​​​​Who among us can coexist with unquenchable fire?’) describes God as an endless, consuming fire.  To me, that is the best picture of God’s holiness- something that is purer than pure, that cannot abide anything that is not as pure as it.  Something that is far more than we in our simple humanity can be.

This does not mean that we cannot approach God’s holiness.  After all, as discussed in previous blogs, He deeply desires a relationship with us.  It just means that we cannot expect to come to Him and be unchanged!!!  He will burn away all of us that is not of Him.  He is a destructive fire- a fire that consumes all that is not holy, and leaves behind ashes that He transforms into beauty- a beauty that comes only from Him.  A beauty of Spirit, calmness of mind, hope filled heart, trust, reliance, and deep knowledge of Him.



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