fulfillment and influence

Think about this-

How often do we become influenced by the things around us?  We spend a ton on that next new gadget because we see so many ads for it they convince us we must need it. We start saying those words we know we shouldn’t because we hear them all around us.  We grow numb to others’ hurt because we see it all the time on the news or on the street.

Jesus came to live with us.  Surrounded by us and all our stuff.  Influenced by all our stuff.

Yet He was sinnless and holy.

So, if we are commanded to be like Him, follow Him, we need to stop being so influenced by the junk around us and start being more influenced by Him!!!  How to do this?  Keeping our eyes on Him.  We do become what we hear, what we spend time with, what we see.  So listen to, spend time with, look at Him.

After all, He spends all His time looking at us, drawing our gaze upwards to Him, seeking our hearts and love.  So, it really is the most natural thing in the world to do.

All the other stuff?  It’s just a distraction.  Nothing wrong with buying things, listening to the news, ect, but we need to do it in light of Him and His gaze.

That is what true fulfillment is in this life.  Thank You Jesus!!!


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