Marbles, Men In Black, and iMmensity

The Attributes of God, Part II

His Immensity

 God is immense and immanent.  To be immanent is to be everywhere, at once.  Think about it.  He is simultaneously in you and holding the planets in His Hand.  He is in the smallest cell and He is at the bottom of the ocean and He is in the sky and He is in your cubicle and walking on the stars.  There is no place He is not, and yet He is not contained by His creation- He contains it.  Which makes my brain smoke but also is, frankly, a bit freaky to think about- my honest immediate gut reaction is ‘Ewwww- what a stalker’.  But, then I think about how that means I can never be outside of His love or care; how He is not standing watching me for His own gain or condemning me as He watches me.  He is there because he loves me and He wants to be with me.   Which is really cool.  It’s like having a really good friend who never turns their back on you or doesn’t understand that rally cool thing you want to tell them, and who can help you with anything.  All you have to do is ask.


To be immense is to be endlessly big, which is somewhat incorporated in the idea of immanence, discussed above.  It also comes from a different direction of thinking, though.  Ironically, thinking very small.  The book gives a picture, from a writing by Lady Julien of Norwich (a 14th century Christian mystic), of the world and universe and every known bit of existence and creation as being a walnut.  A walnut- nothing more.  Small, bitty.  And God is everything outside of that and in that.   That is not something I have never thought of before, although I think of it more along the lines of the very end of Men In Black when all the galaxies are just marbles in a bag, since I don’t really like walnuts but like marbles…..


Anyway, so if God is in and around and bigger than everything, what does that mean for me?  Part of what it means is that I need to be sure my sights are not set on just obtaining the marble (or walnut, if you prefer), but on seeing and knowing the bigger Thing- God.  The marble will never satisfy, because, in the long run, it’s really just a marble.  Sure it looks huge and cool to think of all my dreams really happening and obtaining the things I desire, but other things in my life have been the same.  And obtaining them did not end my longing for more.  It was not until I learned how to seek God first, and let the dreams and desires of mine just fall into line behind Him, that I found peace in my heart.


 And He must be my main focus- no husband and God, no bakery farm and God, no whatever else and God.  Just God.  Those other things are good- He gave them to me, and it is my responsibility and joy to take care of them and love them; but they are not my meaning.  They are not my life. They are not necessary for my happiness.   God is my life and my focus.  When He is in focus, all else is clear.  When He is not in focus, all is fuzzy, because He is, after all, everywhere I look.  All is confusion if I am not in touch with the clarity at the center of everything.


A very immense God.


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