Eyes of fire and truth

Psalm 53:2

God looked down from heaven upon the children of men, to see if there were any that did understand, that did seek God. KJV


God looks down from heaven at the human race, ​​​​​​to see if there is anyone who is wise and seeks God. NIV

God sticks his head out of heaven. He looks around. He’s looking for someone not stupid— one man, even, God-expectant, just one God-ready woman. MSG

God is looking down from heaven, seeking out people who are looking for Him.  He is seeking us out, seeking to help us, to bring us closer to Him.  He is seeking to help us.   How awesome is that?!?  A God that goes out of His way to look for us, to help us in whatever we need help in.  He desires to help, to have us look to Him so that He can help us.  Conversely, can He help us if we are not looking to Him for help?  Probably, and He does, but not as much, I think.  I think God’s help when we are not asking or looking for it is more His help to be humbled and start seeking Him.

He is looking for us.  His eyes are like fire, burning through all that we put up in the way of His gaze, burning through to our souls, burning into the truth of what we are.  We cannot put up a front for God.  We are utterly naked, exposed, vulnerable, open.  We can still attempt to put up a front, of course, that is our choice.  But it is only an illusion; something done to bring some comfort to ourselves.  It is like hanging up a spider web to conceal a tank.  It doesn’t work and is kinda funny.  With this openness, God is also the only One we can truly trust with our true selves.  He accepts us as we are, regardless of what He sees in us, and He works through us to help us to be better, to be more of what He wants us to be, so that we don’t have to ashamed if front of the world, but can be transparent there, too.  He builds up our confidence in being vulnerable in front of Him, so that we can be vulnerable in front of the world.  As long as we are putting up a wall of illusions in front of the world, we are not being a true ambassador of Him; we are not witnessing in truth but only in a lie.

God, let us seek true intimacy with You!!!   We need to be closer to You to know how to live, how to be a picture of You!!!!!


One thought on “Eyes of fire and truth

  1. Charity,
    I don’t know if this is your blog? But, I was scanning through it and saw this post, and I had to stop. About 2 years ago, the Holy Spirit whispered “eyes of fire to me.” And he hasn’t stopped reminding me of this. I can’t explain the intensity of how He whispers this to me, but today, I heard it again, and thought…wow..I have prayed for this ( I felt He wanted me to) but what does it really mean? And then, I read this, which I think was definitely a God thing…..
    Thanks for sharing!

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